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"People see and hear so many things that they are overloaded and

become indifferent. They feel there is nothing more for them to

learn: they allow their attention to drift, never focusing on

anything, and nothing makes an impression on them. They think,

‘I know that… I’ve seen that… that too, and that…’ So

they look without seeing, and they listen without hearing. Well,

that’s habit! But there is nothing more pernicious than letting

yourself be ruled by habit: it deadens you.

 On the contrary, you shouldn’t become habituated to anything,

but rather consider ideas, beings and things with a fresh eye,

pay renewed attention to them and observe and study them as if

encountering them for the first time. Then you discover the

connections between them, a light appears, and something of the

life of the universe is revealed."


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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